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..The interplay of words and pictures has a way of engaging many aspects of the human mind at once, and can create a powerful experience of interacting with emotions and ideas. Unlike movies, however, the reader can go at [their] own pace. [They] can be more involved and active in the experience. In one image or composition, the reader can linger over the potential significance of small details without having the sense that the narrative flow has been disrupted.

No matter how much time you spend inside one panel, you never feel like the story has stopped or altered tempo. Not the way you would if you pressed “pause” while watching a video…it’s ideal for students and teachers. It has the vividness of the moving image and the complexity of text.”


Jonathan Hennessey on the relationship between text and image in the comic book genre.

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No matter their attitude for the rest of the year, every student comes to school on the first day ready to make a good impression on their teacher.

It’s the teacher’s job to make them want to feel like that effort is not only not wasted, but that what they’ll be doing together is worthwhile of everyone’s time and energy.


My mom (badly paraphrased by me), a 40 year veteran teacher (via unabridged-tomes)

Good advice

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